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Shengdun Machinery

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Add:shuangchuang Industrial Park, Dagang Town, Yandu District, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province


What are the basic features of the hot melt adhesive laminat

The main characteristics of the hot melt adhesive laminating machine equipment are: the PUR hot melt adhesive used does ...

Technological process of water glue compound machine and oil

Compound machinery used in shoemaking, clothing, decoration, automobile and other industries, especially involving a dua...

Multi-knife slitting machine Melt blown cloth hot air cotton

Purpose: This machine is suitable for slitting of meltblown cloth, hot-air cotton, non-woven fabric, transparent PVC, pl...

Application and market of production equipment for car exter

use:1. This machine is suitable for coating oily or water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives on release paper, tissue pa...
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